Friday, May 2, 2008


Loathe though we are here at ORBA Central to air our dirty linens in public, we've run into a bit of dissension. A few members of our committee got together this past week in New York in honor of the Edgar Awards. Over cocktails, they hatched a scheme for the future direction of the ORBA's - a bold plan to reshape the whole awards landscape.

Unfortunately, they didn't consult the rest of the committee about this bold new direction, and there was less than enthusiasm amongst some of the rest of our numbers. Thankfully the argument didn't come to blows, but that was only because you can't throw a martini in someone's face through a conference call.

As a result of this brouhaha, the ORBA committee has decided to put the awards on hiatus until cooler heads might prevail. We are aware that this will be a blow to many of you who have already developed a loyal attachment to the awards. We appreciate your enthusiasm and lament the necessity of this decision.

But fear not, the ORBA's are not dead. Like the phoenix, they will rise again from the ashes - as soon as you-know-who sobers up.